New Piece: Cinnamon Skinny Scarf

Cinnamon Skinny Scarf | Webster Fiber Arts

Hi folks,

I love making scarves and using big wooly fibers. These scarves are not the most appealing neck choice when it is 100 degrees outside. I get that. I’m not going to stop making them, but I get it.

Today I have a scarf that is appropriate for warmer weather. This is the Cinnamon Skinny Scarf:

Handmade Cinnamon Skinny Scarf | Webster Fiber Arts | Etsy

This yarn came from a grab bag order from Darn Good Yarn, and I’m not 100% sure what the fiber content is on it. It is silky and light, and has little red sequins scattered throughout. And it’s not hot! Yay!

See more photos and purchase on Etsy.

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