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Fiber Squared Exhibit

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Hi folks,

I have three pieces in a show opening tomorrow in St. Charles, MO. Yay!

The show is called Fiber Squared and it features 12″ by 12″ pieces by Missouri Fiber Artists members. I have really come to enjoy making these square pieces. My pieces include I Live in a Granny Square World:

I Live in a Granny Square World | Annie Webster | Webster Fiber Arts


Mammatus | Annie Webster | Webster Fiber Arts

and This Old Thing?:

This Old Thing? | Annie Webster | Webster Fiber Arts

The show is at The Foundry Arts Centre in the Ameristar Gallery and runs October 6 through December 1, 2017. Here are the details:

Fiber Squared
The Foundry Arts Centre
Ameristar Gallery
520 N Main Center
St. Charles, MO 63301

Monday: Closed
Tuesday-Thursday: 10A – 8P
Friday-Saturday: 10A – 5P
Sunday: 12P – 4P

Fiber Squared is running at the same time as Quilt National 2017, a internationally-juried exhibit of art quilts by contemporary fiber artists. So much fiber in one place! Yay!

Fiber Squared - Missouri Fiber Artists | Webster Fiber Arts

Until next time,

Another Flood

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Hi folks,

Ugh. I have been trying to write this post for the better part of a week now, and I just have not been able to get it done. Our basement and garage flooded yet again on August 21 (Eclipse Day!) and things have just been a mess around here, both in the house and in our brains.

We had two and a half feet of water in the garage and basement. If you are keeping track at home, that is half an Annie! It is also higher than the water has ever been before, and higher than any of the stands or tables we had all of our things on to keep them from getting wet.

So, we’ve been spending the last couple of weeks cleaning up and figuring out what to do next. This is our third flood in eight years, and second within a year. We are exhausted from them, and from the worry we go through every time it rains. I’ve spent time just wandering around the house, not knowing what to do next.

Crochet has saved my sanity a few times since the 21st. I started a wrap with a giant hank of yarn I picked up at Fiber U. It was a special colorway for the show called “Ozark Sunrise” by Interlacements. I had 1,200 yards of Ozark Sunrise to work with—when I wound it into a ball it was the size of a baby’s head! Maybe even a toddler’s head. I’ve been working it into the wrap using a diagonal stitch pattern. Here’s a not so great work-in-progress photo:

The Ozark Sunrise Wrap WIP |Webster Fiber Arts

My cell phone flash photo doesn’t do the yarn justice. It is a beauty of a cotton yarn with shinier bits of rayon and nylon throughout.

I am getting close to finishing this one. I need to figure out what I am going to do for an edging on it, but that is a little bit too much for me to think about tonight.

Until next time,

I Live in a Granny Square World | Webster Fiber Arts

I Live in a Granny Square World

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Hi folks,

I hope your August is going well. It has been unusually cool in Kansas City so far this month and we have had our windows open and the attic fan going. All of that fresh air has had me in cleaning mood, so I have been organizing my art supplies, cleaning out closets and tubs, and finding all sorts of fun stuff.

One of the things I found was a couple of packages of Lion Brand Bonbons. I got these little skeins of cotton yarn a looooong time ago thinking I would do some sort of embroidery with them, but now crochet seemed like the way to go. I started making tiny granny squares without a plan beyond making a bunch of tiny granny squares in a bunch of fun colors.

Before long, I was surrounded by 1 inch squares. I decided to group the natural colored squares together as the background for a little sketchy self-portrait I created by couching black cotton yarn on top of the joined squares. Then, I added all of the color.

The finished piece is attached to a 12″ x 12″ canvas (I found a lot of those while I was cleaning, too). Here is I Live in a Granny Square World:

I Live in a Granny Square World | Webster Fiber Arts

Until next time,

Crunchy Granola Baby Blanket | Webster Fiber Arts

Honorably Mentioned

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You guys!

I was mentioned! With honor! My Crunchy Granola Baby Blanket received honorable mention in the Home Décor & Afghans category of the annual Crochet Guild of America Design Competition. Yay!

Crunchy Granola Baby Blanket | Webster Fiber Arts

I created this blanket as a way to showcase my plant dyed yarns. In this piece there are fibers I dyed with blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, tea, dandelions, and the leaves of violets.

Crunchy Granola Baby Blanket Detail | Webster Fiber Arts

I chose to crochet hexagons with my yarn because I love them. I toyed with doing some half-hexie shapes to make the edges even, but I liked the ragged edge when I put it together, so it stayed that way. I went with a baby blanket size because that’s the amount of yarn I had (some decisions are easy to make).

Until next time,

WIP: The Rainbow Thing | Webster Fiber Arts

WIP: The Rainbow Thing


Hi Folks,

I have several pieces I am working on right now, and several more that need to be photographed. Today, I am working on this one:

WIP: The Rainbow Thing | Webster Fiber Arts

This one doesn’t have a real name at this point, so I’m just referring to it as “The Rainbow Thing.” I have been working on this piece on and off for a few months, but this week, I started piecing all of those colorful blobs together.

The yarn in this piece is all scraps from other projects, or yarn from projects that never really got off the ground. It is a mix of acrylic and wool, cheap and pricey, hand dyed and commercial dyed, smooth and novelty, and tiny bits and longer strands.

I am now in the process of filling in the holes where my randomly created blobs (they are called “scrumbles” in the freeform crochet world) don’t line up perfectly. I filled in between the orange and yellow sections and the yellow and green yesterday and this morning.

Once I get all of the holes filled, I’ll begin squaring off the edges. When finished, this freeform piece will be mounted on a 24″ x 36″ felt covered canvas for hanging.

I’m pretty in love with this rainbow thing!

Until next time,

Mammatus | Webster Fiber Arts



I have another new 12″ x 12″ piece to share with you. This one is called Mammatus:

Mammatus | Webster Fiber Arts

A few weeks back, we had some pretty stormy weather here in Kansas City. That’s not too unusually for late spring in Missouri, but our stormy skies don’t always generate mammatus clouds—those bumpy, lumpy, smushy looking clouds that stretch across the sky in a sheet. We had them with that storm a few weeks ago. The storm wasn’t that bad in our area, which is good, and the clouds inspired me to make this piece. Bonus!

Mammatus Side View | Webster Fiber Arts

After I made my clouds and attached them to a blue background, I added some glass bead raindrops to finish off this stormy weather piece. The crochet work is attached to a felt wrapped canvas and is ready to hang from a wire attached to the back of the piece.

You can see more photos and purchase Mammatus in my Etsy shop.

Until next time,

This Old Thing? Fiber Wall Art | Webster Fiber Arts

This Old Thing?


Hi folks,

I have been working on a LOT of new pieces and I am finally ready to show you one! I call this piece This Old Thing?:

This Old Thing? | Webster Fiber Arts

This piece began with picking apart a sweater that I didn’t want anymore. This thing was like putting on a shirt made of plastic wrap. It was so hot and so uncomfortable, but I really liked the colors in it, so I unraveled it. I forgot to snap a picture before I started the destruction of the sweater, but you can get the idea of what I was working with from this piece:

This Old Thing Sweater | Webster Fiber Arts

I separated the unraveled yarns into piles of the base colors of red, yellow, purple, and white. I knew I wasn’t going to make another wearable item with theses fibers, so I tied the pieces together to make big yarn balls of each color (I will note that as I picked apart the sweater, I noticed the manufacturer tied each of the colors together to make the joins—most crochet folks frown on that because they are uncomfortable and can come undone with wear).

Since that sweater was so confining, I wanted to make shapes that were open and airy. I came up with these little cup forms, then attached them to a black wool background that I crocheted to match the size of the canvas I was going to be using. I attached the cups to the background, attached black felt to the canvas, then attached my piece to the felt.

This Old Thing? Fiber Wall Art Detail | Webster Fiber Arts

This piece is ready to hang from a wire attached to the back of the piece.

You can see more photos and purchase This Old Thing? in my Etsy shop.

Until next time,