New Piece: Hayride Scarf

Hayride Scarf | Webster Fiber Arts

Hi folks,

While I would never say, “I have too much yarn,” I did end up with a little bit leftover after I finished the Sunrise, Sunset Shawl. That excess quickly became the Hayride Scarf.

Hayride Handmade Scarf | Webster Fiber Arts | Etsy

The last time I was on a hayride, I could have used this piece. Mike and I spent a week in Custer State Park in South Dakota last year. It is a beautiful place with a large herd of bison to watch. So cool! One of the activities offered in the park is the Hayride Chuck Wagon Cookout. I am a sucker for a touristy chuck wagon—there’s usually good food, good music, and some good corny jokes. This one included a hayride through the park before the dinner. It was early June, but it was really cold and rainy. Mike and I layered on a bunch of clothes, and there were blankets, but it was still mighty chilly.

I think I ended up with the perfect amount of extra yarn for this piece. I made it wide to show off the stripes in the yarn, but the length is shorter than many scarves I make. This shorter length keeps it out of the way when you are riding in hay, or raking leaves, or standing around a bonfire.

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