Best of Missouri Hands On the Road Exhibit

Hi folks,

I’m excited to be part of the Best of Missouri Hands On the Road Exhibit at the Lee’s Summit, Missouri City Hall. I’m in the show with 15 other Best of Missouri Hands members from the Kansas City region. We work in a wide variety of media, so there is a little bit of everything in this show!

I have three pieces in this exhibit, including Sunburst Mandala shown above. This piece is hanging next to Cash, a metal piece by Chess Lux. I’m hanging next to Johnny Cash! All is right with the world.

On the Road will be on display March 4 through May 24, 2019. Our work is in the Main Floor Lobby.

Lee’s Summit City Hall
220 SE Green
Lee’s Summit, MO 64063
Monday through Friday, 8AM – 5PM (closed holidays)

If you’re in the area, I hope you’ll stop by and check out our art!

Until next time,

Playing with Walls

I got some grid walls for my booth for the Best of Missouri Life Market Fair. I have a number of wall art pieces I want to take to the show and these walls seem like an easy and relatively inexpensive solution. I really like them!

Playing with Walls | Webster Fiber Arts

I thought I would display the hanging pieces in the back of my booth, but I now realize I have more hanging art than I thought I did, so I think the back wall is going to have to become a side wall so I can hang things on both sides. I made the mandala pieces you see here while we were camped out at the hotel last month.

Right now, I have two guys installing blinds in the house. This is a project I thought I could handle myself, but Mike convinced me to have professionals do it. Seeing how quickly and easily they are installing them, I admit it was the right move. I haven’t heard them curse once! I’m not sure I have ever been involved with blind installation that didn’t involve some serious cussing.

Until next time,

All of the Happenings

Hello, neglected blog readers!

There is so very much happening right now and I have so very little interest in stopping to write about it. We have put our house on the market, and have done a ton of packing over the past couple of months (we are tchotchke people and have many of them—they are all now packed away and our house looks like grownups live there). Our house is being looked at right now, and I am at a very cold Panera while they do the showing. It is an exciting, nerve-racking time.

In my last post, I wrote about the Fiber Squared exhibit. One of my pieces, I Live in a Granny Square World, received an Honorable Mention! Woo-hoo!! Here’s a photo of the winners, taken by Missouri Fiber Artists member Jane Olson Glidden‎.

Fiber Squared - MoFA 2017 photo by Jane Olson Glidden | Webster Fiber Arts

Clearly I did not get the subdued, earth tones memo.

And now we are going to travel even further back in my blogging history to September of 2015, when I wrote about the Mandalas for Marinke project. This month, the Mandalas for Marinke book was released, and the first exhibit, Healing Circles: Mandalas for Marinke, opened in Long Beach, CA. Again, Woo-hoo!!

#MandalasforMarinke Project Contribution | Webster Fiber Arts

I have the book and it is big and full of photos of crocheted mandalas and quotes from folks all over the world about dealing with depression. Kathryn at Crochet Concupiscence has done so much good (and, I am sure, hard) work for this project. Mandalas for Marinke is available at Amazon, and would make a lovely Christmas gift.

If you’d like to see photos from the Healing Circles: Mandalas for Marinke exhibit, check out the Threadwinners Instagram feed. I’ve been able to pick my mandala out in a couple of the photos, which is just super cool.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Until next time,

In the Weeds

Hi folks,

A few weeks back, I showed you some yarn I dyed with natural dyes. Today, I have one of the pieces I made from that yarn to show you. This is In the Weeds:

In the Weeds | Webster Fiber Arts

I made a large mandala from my yarn. It is earthy and muted and I am quite happy with it.

I started my mandala on the computer. I drew a chart for several rounds of the piece, but I wanted to get to crocheting, so I didn’t draw out the whole thing, and even the part I did draw, I didn’t make a full 360-degree chart of—just the parts I needed to get me going on each round.

I made it six or seven rounds in before I started deviating from my chart. I love the look of the bullion stitch when made with a chunky yarn (those are the coil-looking stitches in light yellow in my mandala), so I made a bunch of them. This gave me a bit of waviness in my piece, which is not usually something you want in a mandala or doily, but in this case, I thought it worked, especially since I knew I was going to be mounting my piece so it could hang on the wall.

In the Weeds Detail | Webster Fiber Arts

My finished mandala is about 16 inches across, so I got an 18-inch square canvas to attach the crochet to. Mounting crochet to hang is something that I am still getting the hang of, but this piece was fairly easy to mount. I dyed some wool felt with tea to get my tan background color, then stretched it around the canvas and stapled it down with a staple gun. I had to put the canvas on the floor to do my stapling. I needed the support of the floor on the base of the stapler to work against as I squeezed the trigger because I don’t have the hand strength to just go shooting off a staple gun willy nilly (probably for the best).

Once the felt was attached, I stitched the mandala to the felt with beige all-purpose thread.

I loved working with these natural dyed fibers. I’ve dyed a few more yarns since, and I have almost completed another piece with those yarns.

Until next time,

Blah Days Need Cool Yarn

Tapestry Rainbow Mandala | Webster Fiber Arts

Hi folks,

I’ve been cranky today. I know it is from being tired—I couldn’t sleep after watching the Royals win last night. I was too excited to sleep, just like the kids in this Disney ad from years ago.

If those kids were half as cranky as I was today after being “too excited to sleep,” then they had a miserable time at Disney World the next day.

I decided I needed to crochet something just for me today. I had some yarn that I wanted to use: Crystal Palace Mini Mochi in Tapestry Rainbow. I got this yarn by accident (I ordered two Intense Rainbows to finish up a project, but ended up with one Intense and one Tapestry). Craftsy fixed the mistake right away, and let me keep the skein of Tapestry. Woo-hoo!

The Tapestry Rainbow is a pretty yarn. It is more muted than I am usually drawn to, so I’m glad I ended up with this one. I decided I wanted to make a mandala today. I hunted through my patterns to find one and chose the Gemstone Doily from Foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains. The original version of this doily is done in a single color, which is lovely, but using the striped Tapestry Rainbow, I got something more mandala-looking:

Tapestry Rainbow Mandala | Webster Fiber Arts

I’ve not done any blocking on this piece yet, so the edges are still curling up a bit.

I’m really happy with the way this one turned out, and, more importantly, I felt much more relaxed and much less cranky when I finished. Hooray!

Until next time,

Mandalas for Marinke Project

Mandalas for Marinke | Webster Fiber Arts

Hi folks,

I follow a lot of blogs on a wide variety of topics, most related to arts and crafts and making stuff. I usually see tutorials and new works, but in late June I read this sad post on A Creative Being. The post was not by Wink, the site’s creator, but by her sister, letting all of her readers know that Wink had taken her own life.

Soon, Kathryn at Crochet Concupiscence started the #MandalasforMarinke project, an effort to let fellow crocheters remember Wink and raise awareness about depression by creating mandalas from Wink’s beautiful patterns (Wink’s name was Marinke Slump, but she went by Wink). Though I only knew Wink through her posts online, I wanted to participate.

Here is my mandala:

#MandalasforMarinke Project Contribution | Webster Fiber Arts

And here is the note to go along with it:

I read the blog post about Wink’s death while I was in the waiting room of my therapist’s office. I’ve dealt with a lot of issues through my treatment, one of them a period of pretty deep depression. It was a bad time for me, but I am doing very well now. I feel stories like Wink’s deeply because while I don’t know the specifics of her depression, I know what wrestling with depression is like. It sucks. A lot. It is also scary for me to see someone who seemed, at least to me, to be doing ok have depression come back in such an aggressive and tragic way.

Even before I saw posts about the #MandalasforMarinke project, I knew I would be making one of her mandalas as a reminder to check in with myself to see how I am doing. It is so much easier to say, “Hey, something feels off,” when those feelings are starting then when you’ve been feeling them for a while.

I have made two identical manadalas: one for me, and one for the #MandalasforMarinke project. I dyed the yarn in bright colors that make me really happy, and used the first mandala pattern of Wink’s I ever saw. I wish the circumstances surrounding this piece were different, but I’m proud of the mandala I have made and that I am able to write all of these things and sign my name to it.

Thank you!
Annie Webster

Interested in making your own mandala for the project? Check out the project page here. The deadline for submissions has been extended to October 15. The pattern I used is here, but there are many free and paid patterns available.

Want to see other mandalas that have been submitted to the project? Look at these blog posts on Crochet Concupiscence.

I also recommend “9 secrets I’ve uncovered about depression” by Kady Morrison on Vox. I did a lot of head nodding in agreement when I read it.

#MandalasforMarinke Piece | Webster Fiber Arts

Until next time,