WIP: The Rainbow Thing

Hi Folks,

I have several pieces I am working on right now, and several more that need to be photographed. Today, I am working on this one:

WIP: The Rainbow Thing | Webster Fiber Arts

This one doesn’t have a real name at this point, so I’m just referring to it as “The Rainbow Thing.” I have been working on this piece on and off for a few months, but this week, I started piecing all of those colorful blobs together.

The yarn in this piece is all scraps from other projects, or yarn from projects that never really got off the ground. It is a mix of acrylic and wool, cheap and pricey, hand dyed and commercial dyed, smooth and novelty, and tiny bits and longer strands.

I am now in the process of filling in the holes where my randomly created blobs (they are called “scrumbles” in the freeform crochet world) don’t line up perfectly. I filled in between the orange and yellow sections and the yellow and green yesterday and this morning.

Once I get all of the holes filled, I’ll begin squaring off the edges. When finished, this freeform piece will be mounted on a 24″ x 36″ felt covered canvas for hanging.

I’m pretty in love with this rainbow thing!

Until next time,

Available Now: Rainbow Flecks Scarf

Hi folks,

I have a new scarf to share with you. This is the Rainbow Flecks Scarf:

Rainbow Flecks Handmade Scarf | Webster Fiber Arts

I love the yarn in this piece! Look at all of those colors. Those little rainbow nubs make me very happy. It is also cozy and warm, which also makes me happy, because our weather has returned to something more February-like today. Not a bad February, but not the 70 degrees we have been enjoying for the last week or so.

This scarf is available now! See more photos and purchase this piece in my Etsy shop.

Until next time,