On the Hook: Mesa Scarf & B.hooked Blanket

Hi folks,

I have a couple of pieces I’m working on right now. The first is a scarf using Lion Brand Amazing Yarn in Mesa.

WIP: Scarf Using Lion Brand Amazing Yarn in Mesa | Webster Fiber Arts

As you can see, this one has a lot of open spaces in it. At one point, I picked it up and the sides curled in a little bit. I liked the look of that quite a bit. I might end up with a tube like thing when I am done with this one. Or not. We’ll see.

The other piece I’m working on is a blanket. This one is part of the B.hooked Crochet Challenge for Warm Up America! You can read more about it at the link, but the basic idea is that you make a blanket using the pattern B.hooked provides and ship it off to Warm Up America! Here’s my progress so far:

WIP: Granny Squares for B.hooked Blanket | Webster Fiber Arts

The recommended yarn for this project is Red Heart With Love. I checked out the colors online before heading to the store and worked up a few color combinations that I liked. I ended up going with the two-color combo of black and hot pink you see above. This restraint is unusual for me, as I usually go for ALL OF THE COLORS!

I really like the way this is turning out. I’ve been doing most of my work on this while watching Royals games. I think I’ll be making another one of these blankets for myself in blue and white to be my official baseball watching blanket.

If you are interested in participating in this challenge, head on over to the B.hooked website for all of the details. Blankets need to be completed by August 31 for this challenge, though Warm Up America! will accept donations at any time.

I also have several pieces that I am blocking right now. I hope to have those photographed and posted to the site next week.

Until next time,

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