New Piece: Picking Irises Cowl

Hi folks,

I have a new cowl in the shop today—the Picking Irises Cowl.

Picking Irises Handmade Cowl | Webster Fiber Arts | Etsy

This is one of the rare non-one-of-a-kind pieces I’ve made. There are two of these cowls that are very similar: the one you see here, and the one that lives in my closet (and sometimes around my neck). I really love this yarn, and dyeing it was a bit of a process, so I didn’t want to let it all go!

The first time I wore my version of this cowl, Mike and I took a little drive to the Comanche Acres Iris Garden north of Kansas City. Comanche Acres has fields of irises to walk through. You take a clipboard and pencil with you, and you write down the names of the irises you want to buy. If you are like us, you want to buy all of them, but you try to exercise a little restraint. Then, you head into the shop and place your order. In August, your iris plants are ready to be picked up! It is an amazing place.

I decided to name this cowl after our iris outing. The “picking” in our instance was more of a “selecting,” but this cowl is completely appropriate for the plucking kind of flower picking, too.

See more photos and purchase at Etsy.

Until next time,

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