New Piece: Meandering Moss Scarf

Hi folks,

The last week has been very itchy for me. Last Thursday, I worked in the yard, cleaning out flower pots and birdfeeder, planting mums, and collecting our various gnomes, birds, and gazing balls for winter storage. I had a couple of bug bites that started itching that night, but Friday morning I woke up to discover my chest and neck covered in bites. I tried to count them a couple times, but they were all swollen into each other, so I lost track. I’m guessing there were about 50 of them.

The itching was terrible. I went to the store Saturday and bought Benadryl and spent most of the day sleeping, which meant I wasn’t scratching myself, which is a good thing. I covered myself in Calamine lotion, but after a couple of days, my skin got very dry and even itchier—so annoying!

Things are much better today. My skin is still dry in spots, but the bites are no longer swollen. I just have little bursts of itchiness now and I am feeling like a much happier person. I’m feeling so good, I am even up to posting a new piece today. Yay!

This is the Meandering Moss Scarf:

Meandering Moss Handmade Scarf | Webster Fiber Arts | Etsy

This is yarn I dyed myself, then I crocheted it into this frilly little scarf. I love the look of these kind of swirly, coral-like pieces. There are just so many stitches crammed into the space. There are artists out there doing really cool things with hyperbolic crochet. Look at the photos in this Google Image Search for “crochet coral reef.” Amazing!

With all of the curls, this scarf can be worn in a number of ways. I like it wrapped a snug around the neck a couple of times to get a flouncy collar.

See more photos and purchase on Etsy.

Until next time,

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