What I Made for Christmas

Hi folks,

The gifts have been distributed, and now I can show them off!

I made this scarf for my mom:

Mom's Scarf 2 | Webster Fiber Arts

This is made from my beloved Lion Brand Landscapes yarn. I love the colors in this one (Tropics) and I knew my mom would, too.

Mom's Scarf 1 | Webster Fiber Arts

My favorite thing about this one is the edging. I’ve used this one a few times, but the way it worked up in the thick Landscapes yarn makes me really happy.

I made these guys for my brother and his girlfriend:

Monsters! | Webster Fiber Arts

I learned how to make these monsters in Stacey Trock’s Amigurumi: Design Your Own Monster class on Craftsy. This class was awesome because I learned to make these stuffed monsters from my own little monster doodles. So much fun!

The blue guy took on more of an alien form as I worked on him.

Blue Monster | Webster Fiber Arts

And greeny has bumps on his back, kind of like a toad.

Green Monster | Webster Fiber Arts

Until next time,

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