Ol’ Scrappy

Hi folks,

The design challenge is over. Tomorrow I’ll have my entry up for the final contest, but for now I am doing a little relaxing by watching House of Cards and working on Ol’ Scrappy.

Ol' Scrappy | Webster Fiber Arts

Ol’ Scrappy is a blanket, or it will be someday, made up of all the little odds and ends of yarn I have left over after I finish a project. Sometimes it is just a few inches of fiber, sometimes it is several yards, but not quite enough to make a proper scarf or cowl. I usually throw my little bits of yarn in a box, and then pull out Ol’ Scrappy when I want to crochet without doing too much thinking or counting

Ol’ Scrappy is made entirely of half-double crochet stitches. This piece is one that may never be finished, and that is ok. It will always be there when I need a break.

Until next time,

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