Little Rug of Sheets

Hi folks,

I made a little rug!

A Little Rug Made of Sheets | Webster Fiber Arts

This rug is made out of some old sheets. Both of the sets I used were fancy, high thread count guys, and both fell apart way too soon. I have Charlie Brown sheets on the day bed in our guest room that I have been using for almost 40 years (there are pictures on my sitting on my first “big girl” bed with those sheets on it).

The gray sheets were a set Mike got so I would be impressed with his bedding choices when we were dating. I guess I was impressed because 1.) I married him and 2.) we’ve used the sheets a lot. Apparently we release acid while we sleep, because these sheets became thin and discolored fairly quickly, which really just made them softer. Eventually though, a couple of the thin spots turned into rips, and the sheets were toast.

The blue and white sheet is from a set that was nice, but the pillow cases molded while in the laundry pile. Yeah. Mold. Pretty gross. Probably not the fault of the pillow cases, but still. I bleached them, but the stains wouldn’t come out, so those guys went in the trash. Mike pulled the flat sheet of this set out to put on the bed the other day but couldn’t find the fitted sheet. I thought it was trashed with the pillow cases, but as I type this I realize that the fitted sheet is in the back seat of my car, protecting the upholstery from dirt and ickiness during this, the plant and mulch buying season. Ooops!

To make this rug, I turned each sheet in a big ball of yarn. I snipped into the sheet a bit to make a strip about an inch wide, then ripped the down the sheet until I was about half an inch from the opposite edge. Then I went the other direction, so I had a long, continuous strip (I didn’t want to do a lot of sewing in of ends). I removed the elastic from the fitted sheet and the side seams from the pillow cases, but otherwise I left all the hems in the yarn so I had less waste. When I had my sheet yarn balls ready, I did a simple single crochet circle with a giant hook.

The finished rug is a little uneven because my sheet yarn was a little uneven, but it is also really soft under foot, and I saved some sad little sheets from the trash. Yay!

Until next time,

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