CGOA 2016: The Yarn

Hi folks,

Yesterday, I told you about my classes at the Crochet Guild of America’s 2016 Conference. Today, I want to show you my new yarns. I think I actually showed quite a bit of restraint, considering how much gorgeous fiber there was in the shopping area.

First up is this red and blue combo pack from LYDIA Yarn:

Yarn from LYDIA Yarns | Webster Fiber Arts

LYDIA Yarn is a South Carolina company. These yarns are going to make me a spectacular striped KU Jayhawk-colored scarf.

I also got these cute little silk mini-skeins from Sheepish Creations:

Mini Silk Skeins from Sheepish Creations | Webster Fiber Arts

Sheepish Creations is out of North Carolina, so fairly local to the Charleston conference, too. My cell phone photo does not do justice to how vivid and shimmery these fibers are. Since these are small skeins, I will likely use all five to create a colorful cowl.

This natural beige-colored yarn is from another North Carolina company, Empty Pockets Alpacas:

Yarn from Empty Pockets Alpacas | Webster Fiber Arts

This yarn came from an alpaca named Special. You can see a picture of Special on the tag on the yarn. All those little alpaca faces starring up at me from the yarn racks might have contributed to my purchase—I can’t resist those cute little faces!

This yarn comes from Artisanal Yarns:

Orange and Turquoise Yarns from Artisanal Yarns | Webster Fiber Arts

Again, my cell phone didn’t pick up how gorgeously vibrant these fibers are. Artisanal Yarns uses a variety of acrylic and polyester rescued fibers and ply them together to come up with some really stunning color combinations.

Finally, I picked up these yarns from Designing Vashti:

Lotus and Treat Yarns from Designing Vashti | Webster Fiber Arts

The Lotus yarns are cotton in rich magenta and deep purple. The yellow fiber is a super soft wool that I had to have once I held it.

Until next time,

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