New Piece: Maroon & Gray Neck Warmer

Hi folks,

I have a new hand dyed piece to share with you today. This is the Maroon & Gray Neck Warmer:

Maroon & Gray Handmade Neck Warmer | Webster Fiber Arts | Etsy

I used Wilton icing coloring for this one. When applied to dry yarn, the individual colors in the premixed maroon paste color bind to the yarn at different speeds, so the color breaks into its components—a pinky red with a bit of black are most visible here.

By contrast, if the yarn is wet when the color is applied, there is a more mottled, all over color to the yarn. You can see that on my Strumming Teal Scarf.

See more photos and purchase here. If you click through, you’ll notice that this piece is posted on Etsy. I’m trying to spread my work out a little to get it in front of more people, so I have posted about half of my handmade pieces on Etsy. I made a pretty simple rule for what would be for sale on Etsy and what would be for sale on Webster Fiber Arts: if the piece connects into an “O” shape, it goes on Etsy; if the piece has tails, it goes on Webster Fiber Arts. Basically, cowls and infinity scarves are on Etsy and scarves and shawls are on Webster Fiber Arts. There’s still a page for everything on this site, so if you’ve pinned or bookmarked a piece, the link should still work!

Until next time,

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