New Piece: Vineyard Under a Clear Blue Sky Infinity Scarf

Hi folks,

In doing all of flood clean up, I’ve come across a bunch of yarn to dye, but we are still living in chaos house, and introducing a bunch of wet yarn and dye to the mix seems like a bad idea. Soon, soon. For now, I am satisfied with showing you some yarn I dyed previously. This is the Vineyard Under a Clear Blue Sky Handmade Infinity Scarf:

Vineyard Under a Clear Blue Sky | Webster Fiber Arts | Etsy

I used the “broken” dyeing process on this one, much like my Squid Ink Wrap. This time, I used one of Wilton’s blue-ishcolors (I don’t remember which one—I really need to keep better notes). The reds separated out and left these purple areas that remind me of grapes.

You can see more pictures and purchase this infinity scarf on Etsy.

Until next time,

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