New Piece: Mushroom Cap Cowl

Hi folks,

Waaaaa! I am starting to feel lousy. My throat is a little sore. I have been tired the past few days—perhaps I have been trying to fight a cold. It seems like that cold is winning. Booooo! And not the spooky ghost boo from yesterday’s Halloween festivities. It is an “I am dissatisfied” boo. And, yes, I am dissatisfied. Boooooo!

I am, however, satisfied with this cowl. In fact, I really like it. This is the Mushroom Cap Cowl:

Mushroom Cap Handmade Cowl | Webster Fiber Arts | Etsy

I love the earthy colors in the yarn. This colorway is called “Mushroom.” I added some bobbles to my piece to give it some texture, and, with mushrooms already on my brain, I decided these little bumps were the mushroom caps. Yay!

See more photos and purchase this piece in my Etsy shop

Until next time,

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