Baby Mary Janes

Hi folks,

Have you ever seen anything quite so cute?

Baby Mary Janes | Webster Fiber Arts

I mean, really! These little guys have been hanging around our house for the past week and they just made me grin every time I saw them.

My niece is having a baby this summer, and I wanted to add a little handmade something to her shower gift. These little shoes fit the bill, and worked up very quickly. Since I had never made a baby shoe or bootie before, I searched for a pattern. I landed on the Little Dot Mary Janes by Bethany at Whistle & Ivy. I used the 3 month sized pattern, and they are so tiny and precious.

I did make just a couple of changes to the original pattern. I left off the dot accent. I did make some dots in a few different colors, but they just never looked quite right on my shoes. I also made my own little yarn buttons because I am paranoid. I know, a newborn is probably not going to chew a button off of a little shoe, but I feel better about it. My buttons are single popcorn stitches (I don’t remember if I worked 3 or 4 double crochet in them) that I made, fastened off, then stitched to the side of the shoes.

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