This Old Thing?

Hi folks,

I have been working on a LOT of new pieces and I am finally ready to show you one! I call this piece This Old Thing?:

This Old Thing? | Webster Fiber Arts

This piece began with picking apart a sweater that I didn’t want anymore. This thing was like putting on a shirt made of plastic wrap. It was so hot and so uncomfortable, but I really liked the colors in it, so I unraveled it. I forgot to snap a picture before I started the destruction of the sweater, but you can get the idea of what I was working with from this piece:

This Old Thing Sweater | Webster Fiber Arts

I separated the unraveled yarns into piles of the base colors of red, yellow, purple, and white. I knew I wasn’t going to make another wearable item with theses fibers, so I tied the pieces together to make big yarn balls of each color (I will note that as I picked apart the sweater, I noticed the manufacturer tied each of the colors together to make the joins—most crochet folks frown on that because they are uncomfortable and can come undone with wear).

Since that sweater was so confining, I wanted to make shapes that were open and airy. I came up with these little cup forms, then attached them to a black wool background that I crocheted to match the size of the canvas I was going to be using. I attached the cups to the background, attached black felt to the canvas, then attached my piece to the felt.

This Old Thing? Fiber Wall Art Detail | Webster Fiber Arts

This piece is ready to hang from a wire attached to the back of the piece.

You can see more photos and purchase This Old Thing? in my Etsy shop.

Until next time,

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