Honorably Mentioned

You guys!

I was mentioned! With honor! My Crunchy Granola Baby Blanket received honorable mention in the Home Décor & Afghans category of the annual Crochet Guild of America Design Competition. Yay!

Crunchy Granola Baby Blanket | Webster Fiber Arts

I created this blanket as a way to showcase my plant dyed yarns. In this piece there are fibers I dyed with blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, tea, dandelions, and the leaves of violets.

Crunchy Granola Baby Blanket Detail | Webster Fiber Arts

I chose to crochet hexagons with my yarn because I love them. I toyed with doing some half-hexie shapes to make the edges even, but I liked the ragged edge when I put it together, so it stayed that way. I went with a baby blanket size because that’s the amount of yarn I had (some decisions are easy to make).

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Blanket Finished!

Hi Folks,

I finished the blanket!

Baby Blanket for Warm Up America | Webster Fiber Arts

Those last couple rounds felt like they took forever, but I really like the final product! My mind is full of ideas on how to use this stitch for shawls and scarves and all sorts of wonderful things!

I did deviate from the pattern a little bit in the end. If you remember my first post about this blanket, I had two colors of yarn, one for the blanket, and another for the edging. I ordered my yarns online, and onscreen, the bright blue edging was going to look awesome with my lemon swirl blanket. That little skein of bright blue sat in my crochet area (that is, it sat on the floor in front of my spot on the couch) as I worked on the blanket, and the more I stitched, the less excited I was to add that blue border. So, I made a little change. I used my blanket yarn for the border, and I am pleased with the end result—much happier than I would have been with the bright blue. I’ll find a use for that blue yarn at some point.

Maybe, in the years to come, the little baby who receives this blanket will think, “Man, this blanket would look way better with a solid border,” and that little baby can add that border to it him or herself. That would be pretty cool.


The blanket is on its way to Warm Up America now. I washed it before I put it in the mail, and that blanket felt so soft when I took it out of the dryer that I was momentarily tempted to keep it for myself.

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Baby Blanket Crochet Challenge 2017

Hi Folks,

Back in August of 2015, I made a blanket for the B. Hooked Crochet Challenge for Warm Up America. It was an awesome black and hot pink blanket that you can see here.

B. Hooked has issued a new challenge and I am in! This time around, we are making baby blankets. Here are my yarns:

Yarns for B. Hooked Crochet Challenge 2017 | Webster Fiber Arts

We were encouraged to use the Lion Brand Big Scoop and Modern Baby yarns for our blankets. The Big Scoop is a really soft little baby yarn, and Modern Baby is a name that makes me laugh every time I think about it. I know it is more about the colors in the line not being the traditional pink and baby blue, but I picture little babies with their tablets, entering their Netflix passwords and drinking milk out of coffee cups. The same kind of thing happens when I think about that show Tiny House Hunters. I really wanted the house hunters to be tiny, not the houses. I would totally watch toddlers trying to pick out houses. Heh. That would be awesome.

Back to the blanket. This blanket uses a Catherine’s Wheel stitch pattern, which is one I have always found a little tricky, but I quickly got into a groove this time around. Here’s what it is looking like so far:

Blanket Progress 1 - B. Hooked Crochet Challenge 2017 | Webster Fiber Arts

I really like the colors in this yarn, but I think I would prefer this stitch pattern with a single color, or with several solid colors to make stripes. I think the cool stitching gets kind of lost in all of the color changes, but you know who isn’t going to care about that? A baby—modern or otherwise.

It is not too late to get involved in the challenge, if you are interested in crocheting a blanket for a little bundle of joy. All of the information about the challenge can be found here.

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