On the Hook: Gray Chevron Scarf

Hi folks,

This scarf has been in my unfinished pile for a while.

On the Hook: Gray Chevron Scarf | Webster Fiber Arts

I think it is pretty. I like the pattern and color, and yarn is a soft acrylic that feels really nice. It’s those color changes that make me pick this one last when I am grabbing pieces to work on. It isn’t so much that the colors change, it’s that all the ends of those colors need to be sewn into the piece.

You might notice that there are a lot of un-sewn-in ends on this one. It isn’t one of my favorite things to do. I would much rather create actual crochet stitches, so I usually get in a groove and keep making those stitches, and the ends to be sewn in just keep adding up.

I stopped adding new length to this one until I get the existing ends sewn in, thinking I could then adopt the practice of sewing them in as I go. Instead, this scarf just moves to the bottom of the pile as I find new yarns and stitch patterns I want to try. I’m hoping that by posting this piece here, it will serve as another form of motivation.

I really do like this one. If I didn’t, I would just rip it out and use the yarn for something else (This yarn was going to be used for a Fair Isle piece, but I found it to be a tedious process. I may give that another go someday). I need to refine my making process when it comes to pieces with a lot of color changes so it goes more smoothly for me.

Until next time,

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