New Piece: Roy G. Biv Cowl

Hi folks,

There really is a “Part II” to the What I Did on My Summer Vacation post, but I need to take some photos before I can finish that up and the batteries in my camera died. I was going to buy some today, but I got distracted by the big display of crazy pumpkins at the grocery store, and forgot I needed to make the battery purchase. Crazy pumpkins can do that to you.

I the meantime, I’ve added a new piece to the shop, one that I managed to get pictures of before the demise of the camera batteries. This is the Roy G. Biv Cowl:

Roy G. Biv Handmade Cowl | Webster Fiber Arts | Etsy

If you have looked through the pieces I have available on the site, you might recognize the yarn in this cowl. It is the same yarn I used for my Rainbow Infinity Scarf. The scarf is a crocheted piece, but this Roy G. Biv Cowl is loom knit.

I love rainbows, both naturally occurring and human-made. I have a Pinterest board dedicated them. When I worked at Wal-Mart, I arranged the clothes on hangers in Roy G. Biv order (I would rotate which color I started with so there wasn’t a sea of red shirts when you entered the ladies’ department). The clothes in my closet are in rainbow order, too. If I have a chance to do something in a rainbow color scheme, I am a pretty happy girl. This cowl makes me very happy!

See more photos and purchase in my Etsy shop.

Until next time,

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