New Piece: Lakeside Infinity Scarf

Hi folks,

I hope all of you Thanksgiving celebrators out there had a great holiday! Ours was small, but nice. I cooked my first whole turkey ever and it was delicious! We also had a bit of wintry weather, so it was a little icy outside. We stayed in and watched TV, decorated Christmas trees, and I did a bunch of crocheting. My fingers were flying! Everything still needs to be blocked and photographed, but I will get to that soon.

I do have a new piece in the shop today. This is the Lakeside Infinity Scarf:

Lakeside Handmade Infinity Scarf | Webster Fiber Arts | Etsy

This yarn is from Isaac Mizrahi’s collection for Michael’s, though it looks like this particular style is no longer available. I should have bought more, because this cotton yarn is really soft and lovely—it does not feel like you are wearing a dishcloth around your neck.

I’ve had this piece in the “needs to be photographed” stack for a little while now. I finished it back in September. It traveled with me to a Royals game, but I was too squished between the people sitting next to me to work on it before the game started. It was the night Alex Gordon rejoined the team after recovering from his injury.

The yarns in this collection are named after neighborhoods and places. Since I don’t know a thing about New York neighborhoods (except what I see on TV shows), I decided to go with a Kansas City neighborhood name for this piece. Our neighborhood is Highland Acres/Lakeside Heights. I honestly don’t know which side of the slash we are in. I don’t believe there is a lake in the neighborhood, though we have had a lake in our basement before, so maybe that is where the name comes from. The blue and green in this yarn do remind me of water, so I went with “Lakeside” for the name.

See more photos and purchase on Etsy.

Until next time,

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