WIP: Stitch and Slash Class Project

Hi folks,

I have made an important discovery. I like making things more than I like writing about them. This is a little problematic as the way I show off what I’m doing is to post it on the internet. I may need to become a bit more disciplined about posting in the future. Maybe.

I have been making a bunch of things lately, many of which I’m not going to show you yet because they are Christmas presents. I’ve also been doing a lot of learning. I’ve started the Crochet Guild of America’s Master’s Program. The program involves making a bunch of swatches without errors. I’m excited about mastering all of the swatches, but I won’t be able of show anything I’m working on for the program (that’s one of the rules—no posting pictures or describing swatches).

I’ve also been watching some Craftsy classes. I bought Carol Ann Waugh’s Stitch & Slash class some time ago, but I didn’t watch it until this week. Wow! It is so cool and inspiring. I’ve started my project for the class.

Work in Progress for Stitch & Slash Class | Webster Fiber Arts

There are four layers of fabric here, with the top three layers cut away around the stitching. For the design, I just drew some wavy lines on the fabric in pencil and backstitched over them. Here’s a closer look:

Work in Progress for Stitch & Slash Class | Webster Fiber Arts

Most of the stitching demonstrated in the class is done with a sewing machine, but I’m a hand embroidery kind of girl, so I’m going that route.

Next up for this piece is embellishment. I have a bunch of fun flosses and stitches to add to this one.

Until next time,

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