New Piece: Cherry Cola Scarf

Hi folks,

Like the scarf I shared with you yesterday, this piece goes back about a year, too, though it has been complete for quite a while now. It fell through the cracks in getting posted, and then it fell through the cracks in getting blogged about. This is the neglected Cherry Cola Scarf:

Cherry Cola Handmade Scarf | Webster Fiber Arts | Etsy

I dyed this yarn using Wilton’s Color Right food dyes. I like using the Color Right dyes because they can be released from the bottle by the drop, so I can get some fairly exact colors without messy measuring, and they are food safe, so I don’t have to put on my mask, or worry about contaminating pots and pans or spoons or tongs or whatever when I use them.

You can see more pictures and purchase this scarf in my Etsy scarf.

Until next time,

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