New Piece: I Hope Shirley Approves Shawl

Hi folks,

I really love this shawl! Like really love it. This is I Hope Shirley Approves:

I Hope Shirley Approves Handmade Shawl | Webster Fiber Arts | Etsy

Who is Shirley you ask? Well, I don’t know Shirley. She appears to be the mother of Stephanie, who is the yarn dyer behind The Hen House in Texas. I picked up this yarn at the Overland Park Quilt Show last year, where The Hen House was selling their wares (they had a huge booth with tons of yarn, patterns, kits, and quilting things, too). My favorite was this multi-colored yarn, sort of a muted rainbow of colors, called “Shirley’s Favorite.” Knowing this was Shirley’s favorite put the pressure on to make something nice—I always want to do the yarn justice when I make pieces, but this time, it was serious.

I created a granny shawl with the yarn because I love granny shawls and the skein had enough yards to make a good sized one. This piece is 54 inches across from tip to tip, which means you can wear it over your shoulders or around your neck bandana-style. I added a little picot edging down the sides of the triangle to finish off the piece.

And since this is Shirley’s favorite yarn, I thought I would keep her in the name of the shawl. I hope she would approve.

See more photos or purchase in my Etsy shop.

Until next time,

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