New Piece: Parade Day Scarf

Hi folks,

As I type this, there is a wonderful man cleaning the gross leftover flood dirt out of our basement. We are almost done with the flood saga. Yay!

Today’s scarf goes back to a beautiful day in November of 2015, when Mike and I and 800,000 other folks gathered in downtown Kansas City to cheer our returning World Champion Kansas City Royals. It was an amazing day. I still kind of can’t believe we were there, since Mike and I are not really “go where the crowd is” kind of people, so when we decided to go, I knew that it was going to be a huge event.

Mike’s office was on the parade route, so I went into work with him early that Tuesday so we could park in the parking garage of his building. A lot if his co-workers brought their families with them for the event, so there wasn’t a whole lot of work getting done. There was mostly a lot of talking, introducing, and trips to the window to see how many people were accumulating outside (“a ton” was always the answer, and always correct).

While we waited for the parade to begin, I took to crocheting:

Waiting for the Royals Parade | Webster Fiber Arts

I didn’t get much more done that this, which was for the best because I pulled it out and decided to go with a different stitch.

We waited a bit too long to head down to the parade route from the office, so our early arrival didn’t equal good viewing. This is what I saw for most of the parade:

My View of the Royals Parade | Webster Fiber Arts

I could wiggle around a little and make out a few things. I saw the trophy (sort of), I got to squeal with delight when I saw a bit of Salvador Perez (he’s my favorite), and I saw General Manager Dayton Moore very clearly. Despite my shortness and lack of ability to see, it was still a completely awesome experience.

Then it took us like an hour just to get out of the parking garage.

Despite frogging the initial stitches I made on this one while waiting for the parade, I still associate this piece with that day. Here is the finished scarf. This is Parade Day:

Parade Day Handmade Scarf | Webster Fiber Arts | Etsy

There are a lot of colors going on here (the yarn colorway is called ‘Box of Crayons”), and those colors created some interesting patterns as I stitched the yarn. This one is made of soft merino wool.

See more photos or purchase in my Etsy shop.

Until next time,

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