New Website & New Ants in the House

Hi folks,

The plants are in! In fairness to Mike, I should note that I only moved about five of the plants inside, then I had to leave for an appointment, so Mike moved the rest of them, including the big ficus trees. They are so heavy. We still need to do some rearranging, and we still need to let some ants find their way out of the pots and into the outdoors (or into the ant traps). I sprayed the plants down with a soap on Tuesday, but it didn’t do much for the ants hiding in the soil. Oh well. Here they are, in all of their glory:

Our Houseplants | Webster Fiber Arts

And one more new thing: this website! I have been doing work behind the scenes to get ready for the switch to this new site. I’m hoping this site will be a little cleaner, more visible to the internet world, and less work (and, honestly, money) for me to maintain. All of my handmade pieces are on Etsy now (you should go check out my shop), and I have galleries of them here. I’m still working on making galleries for all of the print-on-demand pieces, but the main focus of this site is the blog. I’m not sure the world knows that I blog as often as I do, so here it is, front and center. Hooray!

Until next time,

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