Best of Missouri Hands Juried Membership

Hi folks,

Woo-hoo! I’m officially a juried member of Best of Missouri Hands!

Earth Series by Annie Webster | Webster Fiber Arts

Best of Missouri Hands is a state wide organization dedicated to the development of Missouri artisans through education, interaction, and encouragement. Acceptance as a Juried Member indicates that “an artisan has developed his or her craft beyond mere competence of technique to a high standard of quality.”


I’ve been a BOMH member for a few years and have already gotten so much out of my membership. I’ve exhibited in shows with other members and have attended several great workshops. I’ve also made an attempt at juried status once before and didn’t get it, so this feels like a nice accomplishment.

I used photos of my Earth Series for my application. These 5” x 7” wall hangings combine crochet and embroidery. From left they are: Garden, Sea, Fire, and Field.

Again, yay!

Until next time,

One thought on “Best of Missouri Hands Juried Membership

  1. Awesome quality! So pleasing to see combined crochet and embroidery. In my quest to teach a ‘play approach’ to learning crochet I have often thought of encouraging children to sew as well as crochet. Sewing can add that extra texture and make work more appealing. Thank you for the inspiration.
    Please check out my videos here. It’s different but children in my workshops are absorbed.


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